From Berne to North Cape by bike – 25 pictures

From Berne to North Cape by bike – 25 pictures

– June 3th 2016, I left Berne behind me in the pouring rain;
– August 31th, I arrived at the North Cape, it’s a sunny morning.

After 90 days and 5500 kilometers on the road, I reached “The Top of the World” as the Norwegians advertise their site in the Arctic. I cycled across parts of Switzerland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. A long lasting dream of mine came through. It was even more precious than I expected. Take a look at the pictures and you know why.

Click on the first picture and it will increase its size. As of then you should move the cursor to the little black button “>” which appears on the right hand side of every picture. Click yourself through my trip withouth sweating.

For 20 years this bike trip had been on my bucket list. Few things in my life have been as rewarding and fulfilling, #ToNorthCape2016 is my very own “Road Movie”.

For those of you who understand German: I’ve published a couple of stories about my trip. Why don’t you start with the “thriller”. But watch out, it’s a longread!